Personnel Recruitment

Personnel Recruitment

Finding the right talent in China is one of the greatest challenges for international companies. We can find suitable and experienced personnel for your company in China.

We specialise in higher educated Chinese personnel with management experience that is supplemented by experience working in an international environment.

Through the international composition and diverse talents of our China Link team, we have the knowledge and experience to select candidates with the desired skills, specific competences and the right fit for your company’s culture.

It is our policy to always visit our client’s premises to observe and gain a good understanding of the company and the company’s culture. This extra investment has proven to be of particularly helpful when choosing a candidate with a good fit with the company. We are committed to providing the best service possible.

A selection of the positions China Link has recruited includes Country Managers, Factory Managers, Sales and After-Sales Managers, R&D Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Marketing Managers and Sourcing Managers.

Our motto: People Matter